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 "I approach every endeavor in life in the same manner...unscripted...and with an insatiable passion"


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"There's nothing a woman can wear that is sexier than confidence...and I truly believe nothing can make a woman feel more confident than knowing that when she slides her dress down her thighs...the panties she is wearing leaves him speechless...the power is in knowing that each layer revealed, is more sexy than the last..." 


I'm an incredibly smart, seductive, sassy, (and some would say downright hysterical!) woman with a pretty adorable face and bright blue eyes. I believe I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity to immerse myself in a world that focuses on nothing but purely simple to join me?

I revel in the time I'm given to make a person feel good about themselves...and simply feel good in general...I feel everyone deserves that moment...and I'm also very much filled with a wide variety of useless (and not so useless) if witty conversation is a turn on, you should probably send me a message, lol :)

Screening is essential but pretty easy, lol, you can find the screening form here :)


 Some important reminders when contacting or meeting...


- When you call or text me, please introduce yourself! A name...where you had seen my profile...don't be afraid to strike up a normal conversation! Just try to avoid talking about sexual acts or I'll probably stop responding :)

- Please arrive for our date as you would any other...clean, freshly showered, groomed, ect...I promise I will always offer you the same in return. If we are meeting in public or you request an office date, I assure my attire will be low-key, simple, and slightly sexy...I did once work in an office for a day job so, I got this ;)

- It is up to you to initiate physical contact on a first date...I simply want you to be comfortable...if you are attracted to me...let me know ;)

- Safety is always a priority of mine and it should be for you as well...I do however very much dislike the taste of condoms :)


Ready to book a date with me?

Just fill out the screening form and I'll message you as soon as I get it! :)


  •   Natalie Rose Graham
  •   Toned
  •   115 lbs
  •   Blue
  •   Short
  •  Worcester, MA
  •   34B-26-34
  •   White
  •   Brunette
  •  Female
  •   5' 4"
  •   40
  •   Straight