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PLEASE place consideration in an envelope & leave on table or desk as soon as arriving...this ensures we can both be at ease from the start!

Don't have an envelope? Wrap it up in a piece of paper! A lottery ticket? Get creative, lol! Just don't hand me cash :)

If we are meeting for a dinner date or in a public place, you can place my gift in a book to give me upon meeting. This helps to ensure discretion...and I love books, I read...a lot, I put a few on my Amazon Wish List to give you an idea of what I like to read!

Consideration is for my time only, any indication otherwise will be the best way to get me stop responding ;)


Worcester MA Incall  

1 Hour - $350  

90 Minutes - $500 

2 Hours - $600 

3 Hours - $800

Couples Therapy* (2hrs total) - $700 

*I believe certain situations are heightened when a 

comfort can be reached...the consideration covers 1hr

of us chatting over drinks...and 1hr getting to know our

deeper desires :)


Boston MA Incall

 Add $150 to above rates to cover cost of room and travel


 Outcalls within a 3Hr Radius

Hourly consideration is the same as WORCESTER INCALL rates + travel fee/min requirement listed below!

Simply enter WPI Campus, Worcester MA as your destination into Google Maps...if your location is within:

0-30Min: +$50

*30Min-90Min: +$100

*1-3Hrs: +$150 and 3hr min for booking

Screening requirements are a little more strict for an outcall and will need at least 1 provider reference in addition to real world info