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Cards for the next game are currently on sale, only 16/44 cards left!

SWINGO is just like Bingo except...instead of #'s on your bingo card, it's pictures of me and my adventures!

Read below for how to join in on the fun :)


January SWINGO Details

This month I will be raising funds to attend a Tantra Retreat hosted by Ecstatic Living and will be raising $1100 total

First TWO players to call SWINGO will win a Complimentary 90Min Session!

  • $25 per bingo card, 4 cards max per player, only 44 cards available for sale (that's 1in22 odds for each card you buy)
  • If you buy 2 or more cards, the amount paid can be applied toward a future session within 60 days
  • To enter, simply send a Gift Card to one of my needs below! (*please put your email and/or Twitter handle in the message section, and only that, lol)
  • Email me at to let me know you're playing & expected arrival date of your GC! :)

TUITION AND LODGING - $875 -$225 still needed- payable by MasterCard GC via Amazon WL

This includes classes, lodging, and meals for a 3 day/2 night retreat

TRANSPORTATION COSTS - $100 -$50 still needed- payable via Uber GC

Plane/Train only gets me so close as these are hosted in very secluded areas, lol

CHARITABLE DONATION - $125 - payable by MasterCard GC via Amazon WL

Anonymously donated to All Breed Animal Rescue


What happens after I purchase and how is the Game played???

  • I'll email as soon as I receive the GC to confirm your participation
  • A link to your unique bingo card/s will be sent before the Game starts (Please save these links!
  • Game will start the day all GC's are received
  • SWINGO cards are created via an online random card generator and I will email a snapshot (NOT the link, lol) of all cards in play before the Game when the Game ends, I will only post the winning card for validity and not anyone's identity, ever :)                                                                           *I do have all cards in play registered to each player and therefore cannot be duplicated
  • New pic drawn via Live Twitter Feed everyday at 10am and 10pm
  • Winner must pass screening within 72hrs...if they can't, the Game will be restarted until there's another winner!