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I will only be offering 2 dates a month moving forward...and the only way to book is to win SWINGO!

One round will be free to ALL private page members w/the winner securing a 3hr date! Winner must pass screening and secure date w/ 25% deposit or the game w/be replayed!

Round Two will be $50/card instead of free...but the winner will receive a FULLY PAID 3hr date!



 SWINGO? What is it? What do I win?

SWINGO is a game just like Bingo but w/ a slight twist...instead of #'s on your bingo card, it's pictures of me and my adventures!

First player to call SWINGO (5 in a row on one card) wins the game and claims their prize!


So, how Do I Play? Well, It's Soooo Easy... :)

~$50 per bingo card, no limit

~Only 20 cards available for sale!

~To enter, simply send a Visa or Mastercard GC via my Amazon WL

(*please put your email and/or Twitter handle in the message section, and only that, lol)

~Email me at to let me know you're playing & expected arrival date of your GC! :)


 Final Details for Current Players

 -All the bingo cards are generated randomly via an online program I purchased and unique to you

 -You will be sent an individual link for EACH card you purchase, please save all the links to access your SWINGO cards daily

 -Pic will be drawn via the random online software about every 5 minutes until SWINGO is called

 -You MUST DM "SWINGO" to stop the game and claim your prize! (If you are unable to watch your cards daily please let me know so I can do this for you, I will NOT be checking cards unless requested!)

 -If winner cannot fulfill screening obligations w/in 72hrs, game will resume! (Save your cards until I officially call the game closed!)

 -If 2 players call SWINGO on the same pic, each one will be assigned a color, red or black, and I will spin the roulette wheel live to determine the final winner!

 -Any questions, just shoot me message! :)